Elizabeth Henshaw is the film counterpart to the ghost bride from the Haunted Mansion ride as well as Master Gracey's (Edward Gracey) fiancée in Disney's 'The Haunted Mansion' movie. She was a beautiful multiracial woman of very low ranking social class, the daughter of one of the manor's servants. She and Master Gracey were to be wed, but Ramsley, the manor's butler, disapproved of his master's relationship, believing it would turn into a scandal and tarnish the Gracey legacy.

During the masquerade ball on All Hallows' Eve,


1881, Ramsley murdered Henshaw by offering her a glass of wine poisoned with iocane powder, unbeknownst to her. Ramsley then concealed the truth; writing her death off as suicide to Master Gracey, replacing her true letter (saying that she loves Master Gracey and will marry him) with a false letter, "signed" Elizabeth (by Ramsley), claiming that she never truly loved him. Elizabeth's spirit remained in the mansion as an orb (or "ghost ball"). Gracey struck with grief and despair, hangs himself from the mansion's ceiling. For a century, Elizabeth's spirit wondered Gracey Manor's hall.

Later in the present, the Ever's family (Jim, Sara, and their children, Michael and Megan) arrived at the Gracey Manor. Sara was contacted by the occupants of Gracey Manor, located in the Louisiana bayou. Eager to make a deal on the house, Jim, being a real-estate agent, drags his family to the house before their long-awaited family trip. They meet its owner Edward Gracey, his stern butler Ramsley, and a few other staff members, housemaid Emma and footman Ezra.

Master Gracey believing that Sara, Jim's wife, to be the reincarnation of Elizabeth, allows the family to stay the night in the manor, due to a storm flooding a nearby river, making it nearly impossible to leave. Later in the evening, Gracey speaks with Sara in the library, about his Grandfather's and deceased lover, Elizabeth's deaths.

At the end of the film, a fiery dragon emerges from the ballroom fireplace to drag Ramsley down to Hell for eternal damnation, after he attempts to summon wrathful ghosts to kill the group (Jim, Sara, and their children, Michael and Megan) for revenge. When the curse is lifted from the Gracey Manor, Edward (Master Gracey) gives the deed to the manor to Jim and Sara. Soon after, Elizabeth and Edward's souls ascend towards heaven together.